Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the age range at ISMI? Our youngest participants were advanced nine-year-olds, but the vast majority of students are between 10 and 25. This means we have a 1/3 split each, of middle school, high school, and college-aged participants. Students are grouped by age and ability for chamber music groups. 
  • How do I know if ISMI is the right camp for my middle-school aged child? ISMI students are ready to work independently with a private teacher, can practice on their own throughout the day, and are ready to particiapte in chamber music and orchestra. They are ready to be on campus full day or to board. They are regularily participating in musical activities in their school and communities, such as region, all-state, and other performance venues. ISMI requries audition videos with two contrasting movements or pieces, to be uploaded in the application. Students usually have at least four years of playing experience.
  • Is there another camp for less advanced string players? UNT holds a separate camp for beginning string students who are looking for a day time, fun, ensemble only experience. This camp, directed by Dr. Elizabeth Chappel, is the Orchestra Summer Day Camp, June 19-23, 2023. This camp does not provide private lessons, chamber music, lectures, or on-campus boarding. It is appropriate for elementary through high school students. This camp requires one year of playing experience, and no private lessons experience or participation. 


  • Which is the closest airport? Dallas-Fort Worth International (35min by car) and Dallas Love Field (55min).
  • Does ISMI provide airport transportation? Yes, ISMI participants will have an opportunity to  sign up for airport pickups, as needed.  
  • Is there public transportation from the DFW to Denton? Yes, please click here for more information.


  • Where can I park my car on campus? Parking information will be shared at the beginning of ISMI. 
  • Where do I obtain my parking permit? It will be handed out to you during the orientation event or at the dorm check-in if you are a boarder. 
  • How much is parking for boarders? Parking is free.
  • How much is parking for commuters? A $13 fee per session.


  • In case of an emergancy, who do I contact? A list of counselors' names and phone numbers will be sent to you.
  • Where is the nearest hospital? Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton, 3000 North I-35, Denton, TX 76201,  940-898-7000
  • Will there be close supervision of my child's medications? Yes, counselors will be in charge.  


  • Where do I reside? Updated information coming soon. 
  • Where do I eat my meals? Bruce Hall Cafeteria
  • Do I need to bring bedding for my dormitory stay? Yes, bed linens and towels.
  • Is the dorm room air-conditioned? Yes. 
  • Is there a curfew? Yes, "lights off" is at 10:30pm.
  • Will my child be supervised in the dormitory? Yes, several counselors will be around 24/7.
  • Is there wireless internet access? Yes. The fee is included with your housing pacakage.
  • Can my child check out of the dorm early? Yes, immediately after the student concert on Saturday evening (July 15 or July 22) which ends around 10:30pm. 


  • What are the counselors' responsibilities?  Counselors will be on staff 24/7 and stay in the dormitory over night. They will coordinate fun acitivities aside from the daily musical schedule. All counselors are trained to take on all responibilites that come along with the string institute.